Monday, December 28, 2009

Has Ontario’s California’s Dog Laws Gone Too Far Where They Have Become Heartless

Photo by the Daily Bulletin

A women named Martha Cuellar had lost her two little Chihuahua‘s when they escaped from the backyard last month. After Martha tried to look for her dogs before it got too dark she was unable to find Luna and Osito so the next day she found out that the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, CA had her dogs.

You would have thought that they would have just gave her the little Chihuahua’s with a warning to watch her dogs but NO, they wanted three hundred and fifty dollars for their return. I call that ransom for the dog, you would think that all these shelters have so many dogs these days they would have been a little grateful to have the dog’s owner come and take them home.

The article goes on to say that Martha was out of work and was unable to pay the fine and when she went back a week later the fine now was fife hundred and thirty three dollars. To top it off one of her dogs was adopted and finally the operations manager James Edward felt touched and gave her back the one dog at a reduced rate.

Well Mr. James Edward I have no thanks to say to you after all you put this lady through because your so called Humane Society was not only greedy, but you guys are the most heartless shelter I have read about….. Nothing but greed, when all you had to do was give the women back her two dogs. Like you never had a dog escape before?

Read the article by Diana Sholley here.

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