Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Free On-Demand Dog Training Helps Christmas Puppies “Get their Cute Back”

Free Website Offers Daily Training Lessons to Help Dog Owners Train their Dog in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Beginning on January 1st and running for the entire month of January, new dog “parents” and veteran dog owners alike can visit for daily lessons on how to teach their dogs 13 vital obedience and behavior skills that are the foundation for raising a well-behaved dog.

The expert behind the site is Krista Cantrell, a cognitive animal behaviorist, dog trainer, dog-book author, award-winning agility competitor, and dog whisperer for national television, radio, and print media.

Cantrell decided to launch the site now, for the new year, to reach out to the large number of “Christmas Puppy” owners who decided to adopt, rescue, or buy a dog over the holidays, and who are now quite likely feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes with dog ownership.

“Puppies are cute. Even misbehaving, mouthing, biting, barking, jumping and ‘accident prone’ puppies are least for a while,” says Cantrell. “But what happens when the ‘cute factor’ gives way to the reality that that cute puppy is going to grow up into a dog that needs more than just love to become a well-mannered member of your family?”

When reality sets in, as it soon will for the tens of thousands of new “Christmas Puppy” owners out there, where can these overwhelmed new “parents” turn for help?

That’s where Cantrell’s new site comes in.

The “New Year, New Dog” dog training website will offer more than 30 free dog training lessons that solve common dog obedience problems and teach basic training methods such as house training mishaps, excessive barking, pulling on the leash, inappropriate chewing, how to teach sit and stay the right way, how to teach your dog to come when called (the first time and EVERY time), crate training, clicker training, and more.

Registration is fast and easy at

The free program is open to anyone (not just people who recently adopted or purchased a dog) who wants to learn how to raise “Your Best Dog Ever”(sm). Dog owners can also get free tips and lessons on how to train your dog and train a puppy year-round via Cantrell’s blog at

About Krista Cantrell

Krista Cantrell has been training dogs for more than 17 years. She serves her personal clients from her dog training facility in Cave Creek, Arizona, and is the author of Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right: How to Train Any Dog in Five Minutes a Day; Tao of Puppies: How to Raise a Good Dog Without Really Trying; and Housetrain Your Dog Now. She has appeared on Fox News, CNN, and NBC, as well as numerous radio shows and in print publications across the country.

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