Tuesday, December 8, 2009

St. Louis Judge Sentences 4 Involved In Dog Fighting Ring

After pleading guilty for their involvement in a dog fighting ring a US District Judge named Carol Jackson has sentenced Teddy "Teddy Bogart" Kiriakidis and Ronald Creach to eighteen months in prison and sentenced Michael "Missouri Mike" Morgan and Robert Hackman to three hundred and sixty six days in prison for charges of violating federal animal fighting laws.

U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson said: These dogs were subjected to the kind of cruelty that is sometimes unspeakable for the purpose of entertainment. Most people would find it difficult to take pleasure in watching two animals tear each other apart. Unfortunately, there are people like you who facilitate this activity. Animals were severely maimed and killed as part of this conspiracy. I have to fashion a sentence that deters ... and I hope people think twice about getting involved in this kind of activity.

Read the article by Heather Ratcliffe here.

I personally think that they should have gotten more time for their cruel acts to the dogs. Hopefully one day the laws will be more strict and most people will think first before they get involve with this cruelty towards dogs.

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