Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Work Where And You Killed Your Dog

Here is a guy named Gordon Reibman from Hamilton, NJ who works as an educational program development specialist for troubled kids with the Juvenile Justice Commission. You would think that a guy who works to try and help kids better themselves to stay out of trouble would have thought twice before he kicked his dog to death.

So Gordon Reibman has a domestic fight and kills his greyhound dog, what a lowlife this guy is. You should read some of the comments on the page by some people wanting to do to Gorden what he did to the dog.

Read the article here.


Anonymous said...

You are ignorant to the situation and therefore should refrain from commenting. This man was not the monster the trash Trentonian has made him out to be. He probably loved his animals more than you could ever imagine, so please stop your pathetic attempt to be interesting. You are not!

Dogman2 said...

What you couldn't sign your name. Anybody that kicks his dog to death is a lowlife in my book. There is no excuse for what he did...none at all..

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! I read the article and all the responses. Very upsetting.

jane said...

anonymous-if this guy "loved his animals more than you could imagine" than how the heck could he beat a greyhound to death?! that makes absolutely no sense-nor does your defense of this monster-