Friday, December 11, 2009

Ohio Group Trying To Stop Dog Auctions Needs Your Help

Ohio only has until Monday the 14th to get the 120,700 signatures for this petition to help put a stop to the dog auctions though out the state. The petition is known as the Ohio Dog Auctions Act to help revise the code to make it unlawful to auction or raffle off a dog.

Many of these dogs come from out of state and some come from the states that have already ban the sale of puppy mill dogs. I guess these people that just keep on breeding these poor dogs are in it for the money being that it’s a nine million dollar a year business. Ohio has had a five hundred percent increase in the number of commercial breeders in the last five years making it 7th ranked out of the top ten places for puppy mill breeding.

So if you are from Ohio and care about the cause to help put a stop to these money making breeders you can sign the petition here on the Animal Law Coalition site at the bottom of the page.

Read the article Donna J Miller here.

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Anonymous said...

As an update the petition has been relaunched and we now have until Dec 1st 2010 to collect the remaining signatures! There is still time and everyone should get involved! Go to