Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Arrest Dog Abusers

Photo’s by abc15

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s arrested a total of four people for animal cruelty today in Mesa, AZ. Two that were arrested on four counts of animal cruelty and neglect were Debi and Terrance Carrol. Also arrested were on animal cruelty charges were Jeannetta Berry from Gila Bend and Jorge Gonzales from Mesa.

Just looking at these photo’s is enough to make you sick. Hopefully the Alta Vista Animal Hospital staff will be able to nurture these dogs back to their healthy life and they will find a loving home.

Read the story by Deborah Stocks here.

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Candy Blakeslee said...

This is about the only humane thing Sheriff Joe does. He treats his human prisoners horrible...and they are just awaiting trial.