Friday, December 4, 2009

CANIDAE Pet Foods Announces The Photo Contest Winner

CANIDAE Pet Foods Announces Two Facebook Photo Contest Winners, Each to Receive A One Year Supply of Super Premium Pet Food

Hundreds of Photos Entered into Contest, Two Winners Selected to Receive Free CANIDAE Pet Food for a Year

CANIDAE Pet Foods, Inc. (, a manufacturer of all natural holistic pet foods that are fed and recommended by thousands of certified breeders and rescue organizations throughout North America, launched a pet photo contest in October inviting pet owners to submit their favorite photos of their beloved dogs and cats for a chance to win free pet food for a year.

Hundreds of photos were entered into the contest, portraying family vacations, children hugging their dogs, cats by the windowsill, dogs walking along the seashore, and many other personal photos of the entrants' companion animals.

After narrowing the field down to the top 50 pictures, the entire CANIDAE staff cast their votes for their personal favorites. Kristi Maddox of Broadview, Montana won the dog category for the photo of her Fawn Boxer and Australian Cattle Dog mix jumping in the air to catch snowballs. Maddox wrote, "Our dogs and cats are more than just pets, they are family; and as such their health and nutrition are very important to us. Thank you for making such wonderful foods."

Maddox's dogs Laila and Viktor both endured hardship before coming to live with the Maddox family. Laila had been neglected, left chained to a shed to be a "guard dog" and was underweight. Viktor had been thrown from a car window and suffered from a broken shoulder as well as having other signs of abuse. Both are now happy, well-cared for members of the family.

Amy Rodriguez of Farmington, Minnesota won the cat category for her charming picture of her young cats Attis and Arley snuggled close to one another. Rodriguez wrote, "We feed them FELIDAE Grain Free because Attis is an Egyptian Mau and I read that grain free is best for his sensitive tummy."

In addition to these two grand prize winners, the final vote tallies were so close in the dog category that a second place prize was created and awarded to Diane Scuderi for her photo of Rain, an 8 week old Aussie mix puppy that she helped to rescue after it had been discarded by the side of the road. Scuderi is affiliated with Paw Safe Animal Rescue in Virginia and will receive a 6 month supply of CANIDAE dog food as the second place prize.

"The entire staff here at CANIDAE had a lot of fun looking at and voting on all of these great photos. We noticed that many of these pet owners attached very touching stories to their pictures, describing how they rescued an injured or abandoned pet and did their best to bring them back to health. Often, they said that our food was part of the recovery process. That always puts a big smile on everyone's face around the office," said Jason Castillo, Controller for CANIDAE.

Many of the entrants' photos and stories will appear in a special CANIDAE Pet Foods Facebook Fan Page photo album and on the CANIDAE Pet Foods website.

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