Saturday, July 23, 2011

You Allowed My Dog To Bark To Death, Then Lied About It

You would think that an animal clinic would have been upfront on how a dog died, but no they tried to cover up the cause of death.

A woman named Marie Moore left her bulldog named Cowboy at an animal clinic in Manhattan, NY while she went away. After she received a call from her mom saying that her dog had died due to congestive heart failure, but after further review from an autopsy it showed that the poor dog had died from severe laryngeal edema and airway obstruction and not from congestive heart failure.

Now why would the Doctor Javier Ramos and their staff from the Riverside Animal Clinic lie about how the dog really died. I feel bad for Marie Moore on losing her dog that she love because of the neglect of this animal clinic.

Read the article by Dareh Gregorian and Helen Freund here.

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