Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hard Times, Old Age And Animal Abusers Don't Mix

It’s sad when you read about an eighty three year old woman and her sisters who is to be charged with animal cruelty when the Pennsylvania SPCA went to her home and rescued twenty cats and a dog who were in bad health.

But then to find out that they had a grave site in their front yard where they buried nineteen dead animals. I guess they were the caretakers for the dead animals that they found around town.

George Bengal from the Pennsylvania SPCA said: One sister would go out and pick up dead animals on the highway and bring them back and bury them and the ones that died inside she would bury too.

Read the article David Chang and Claudia Rivero here.

Then you have another sad seen where an eighty five year old person who had eighteen dogs in cages with no water or food in horrid conditions.

An employee at the Shawnee Animal Clinic in Ohio named Dean Vastine said: It was worse than a pig pen with 150 pigs, It's the worst thing I saw in my life, it makes you feel like crying.

Dave Gowdy from the Sierra's Haven animal shelter said: I don't know how she could breathe, It's a sad situation when people have no family. I think she relied on these animals to fulfill that empty gap. She thought she was doing the right thing but when you get right down to it, she was making these animals suffer more than she was doing for them.

Read the article by Bill Murray here.

Then you have another elderly guy who had nine dogs taken from him by the Siouxland Humane Society, IA due to not being able to take proper care of the dogs.

Hopefully these dogs will be able to be adopted out to loving homes.

Read the article by Molly Montag here.

Down in Memphis the Police have arrest Keith Webb and Gracie Keith-Webb on aggravated cruelty to animals when they found two dead dogs that were chained up outside.

A local landscaper named Justin Jones said: I never saw any food bowls, I never saw any big tubs of water for the dogs, to make sure they were getting plenty of water, but it did concern me in this heat, especially having dogs chained up in the back yard.

I always wondered why someone got a dog and just left it chained up outside. Why did you get the dog in the first place?

Read the article here.

I know times are bad, but why would you live in an animal shelter. That’s what a guy named Richard Huey and his family was doing at a closed animal shelter called Steve Courson Humane Society Animal Shelter in North Union Township, PA.

This is real sad to read when you think about what has been going on these last few years. Hopefully his wife and kid will be able to find a real place to live. And their dogs were taken to a vet by a shelter member.

Read the article here.

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