Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do You Remember When PETA Put Out A Video About Animal Abuse In A Research Lab

Back in 2010 PETA had recorded a video of animal abuse at the Professional Laboratory and Research Services Inc. in Corapeake, NC which showed animal abuse from some of the employees at the lab.

Warning this video is graphic. This is very upsetting to watch again and see what these employees did to these animals.

Well now maybe some justice will be served now that the Gates County DA Frank Parrish has now charged Christine Clement and Tracy Small on two counts of cruelty to animals. And charged Jessica Detty and Mary Ramsey with five counts of cruelty to animals for what they did.

It’s nice that this horror shop was closed down and I wonder why the owner at the time Helen Sonenshine from Virginia was not charged too.

You can read the article and the whole story here at PETA.

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Anonymous said...

Who would have ever thought females can be more cruel to animals than men. If I ever worked along side anyone of those sick human beings harming animals, the very deepest dark side in me would permanently fix this abuse with one or several less sick human beings walking God's blue and green planet. Hopefully, a decent honorable judge will impose justice on them. Although, I would prefer my dark justice. Until you've been a real soldier, you're just a piece of crap that hasn't been exposed to the public.