Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Left Their Dogs To Die

How could you just leave a small puppy to starve to death on his own?

Well an animal abuser named Cherika Alvarez from the Bronx, NY did just that to her little pit bull when she was evicted from her apartment back in November of two thousand and ten.

The poor dog was found dead with no body fat and it even had razorblades in its stomach. I only wonder why the landlord didn’t find the little pit bull after Alvarez was kicked out of the apartment. What a sad ending for this dog because nobody cared.

Read the article by Kirstan Conley here.

Then you have another animal abuser down in Martinez, GA who left five dogs to die in their home when they moved.

What is wrong with these people that do this to their once loved pets.

Now Mark Stephen Robinson has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty for what he did to his five dogs. The animal control field supervisor for Columbia County Daniel Mayne said: This is all out bar none the worst animal cruelty case we've seen. Extremely sad situation there's no need to put an animal through that kind of torment. Animals can't walk up to the tap and turn on the faucet for themselves. They rely on us to provide that care for them and whenever someone fails to do that they need to be held accountable for those actions.

Read the article by Katie Beasley here.

And to top it off you have a lowlife who took a little child with Down Syndrome named Joey Anderson from Carver, Mass. dog from their yard.

Why would anybody do something like this to a little child is beyond me, I only hope that the police find his dog and arrest the lowlife for what he did.

Read the article here.

The Memphis, Tenn. has put out a warrant for Demetria Hogan on two counts of animal cruelty for the ex employee of the Memphis animal shelter due to a missing pit bull she had taken from a home.

The authorities are thinking that Demetria Hogan who has a bad criminal history might have sold the dog instead of bringing it to the shelter.

There is even a reward out for the return of the pit bull named Kapone.

Read the article here.

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