Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dog Survives Beating By A Deputy And Survives After Being Left For Dead

A Deputy from Ohio County, KY named Randy Taylor has been suspended from his job due to complaint that he beat a dog and buried the dog thinking that it was dead.

I don’t know about you but this is one sick cop that I hope gets charged for the animal abuse that he did to this poor dog which was able to survive after three long days before being found.

Read the article here.

On a good note, thanks to a micro chip a dog owner who lost his dog seven years ago will be getting his dog back. The current owner named Kim Rafter from Rogers, Ark. is a bit upset after having the dog for the last seven years and now she will have to part with the dog that had become part of her life.

My question is why it took so long before the micro chip wasn’t found to be a missing dog before. You would think that when you take your dog to a vet they always check to be sure that the animal is yours and not stolen. Maybe more vets should be checking all pets that come into their business to be safe. Who knows it just might be your pet that is missing.

Read the article here.

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