Thursday, July 7, 2011

Did Colorado Put Out Bounties On Animal Abusers

Well it’s nice to read about at least one state willing to pay for information on animal abusers. Now that Denver Crime Stoppers has joined up with the Colorado Humane Society hopefully they will be able to put a big dent in the animal abuse in their state.

Rigo Neira from the Colorado Humane Society said: If you see something you feel doesn't look right, that's the appropriate time to call. The main way we get information about animal cruelty is through tips, from somebody who has seen something or heard something.

So Colorado all you have to do is call 720-913-7867 and you could make up to two thousand dollars and hopefully save an animal from being abused.

Read the article here.

Over in Lake County Indiana the local Sheriff’s and the Humane Society had their hands full when they rescued twenty dogs that were part of a dog fighting ring.

Looking at this video you can see how bad these dogs were from all the fighting they did and near the end you can still see that they are friendly and loveable even though they went through a hell of a life.

Hopefully now that Willie Hargrove, Clifton Harris, Sammie J. Jones and Brandon J. Peterson have been arrested they will get the maximum penalties for what they did to these dogs.

Read the article here.

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