Saturday, July 9, 2011

Abandon & Wild Dogs

It’s so sad when the animal shelters have went way beyond their limit of animals in their shelters that they have to keep killing them to make room for more abandoned dogs.

The animal shelter in Charleston, SC just put down twenty dogs and cats while wondering if they will have to put down even more.

While a shelter in Port Isabel, TX that is a no kill shelter has been over whelmed that they might even have to start killing some of the animals. Now that heartbreaking to even think about but when so many people are just dumping their pets and the puppy mills just pumping out more and more dogs to make a buck, has become a realality of sadness for these animals.

Even in Fayetteville, NC due to people just abandoning their dogs they now have around one hundred and fifty dogs running around in packs. So where do you think these dogs are going to eat?

I only wonder why people are so cold hearted to just dump their pets off at a shelter or even just abandon them.
And those puppy mills that see and read about so many dogs being killed that have no homes just keep making more puppies for the money.

Why is all I ASK.

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