Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rescued Dogs, Dead Dogs, Dog Laws And A Special Dog

The Memphis Police have arrested Randall Lomax from N Memphis for animal cruelty when they found three pit bulls with no food or water. The sad part is that two of the dogs had to be put down and Randall Lomax is saying that the dogs weren’t even his.

I guess we will have to wait and see what the outcome is on the charges and maybe we will find out who really owns the dogs.

Read the article by Jason Miles here.

The Pennsylvania SPCA had one hell of a day when they found all kind of animals that were either dead or alive in a South Philly home.

A spokesman for the PSPCA named George Bengal said: This is an extremely bizarre case, this is a hoarder situation but I think that the individual who lives in here has every kind of species known to man.

The animal abuser had told the Philadelphia Police that he worked for the CIA. Ya right, this nut case was living with eight dead dogs and even a dead alligator. Now he is charged with animal cruelty for what he did to these animals.

Read the article by Dan Stamm here.

The state of Missouri have finally sent in the final version of their new dog breeding rules while the temporary rules will stay in affect to help stop the puppy mills. The state is finally getting down on the money making puppy mills they even hired two more inspectors and a vet.

Read the article by Dick Aldrich here.

A special seven year old child named Evan Moss who has epilepsy and seizures wanted his own service dog and after finding out how much they cost, he had taken matters into his own hands by writing a book call My Seizure Dog. Evan is hoping to sell enough of his books so that he can buy his own service dog from 4 Paws for Ability.

This just shows that the will is greater than the anything. You can get Evans book here.

Read the article by Tom Jackman here.

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