Friday, July 15, 2011

The San Jose Animal Care Center Is Calling It: The Chihuahua Crisis of 2011

I have read about some animal shelters being overwhelmed with animals but the San Jose Animal Care Center had turned into a crisis with three hundred and twenty nine dogs that were mostly Chihuahuas.

Julie St. Gregory from the San Jose Animal Care Center said: We're doubling, we're tripling and we're storing Chihuahuas in our cat cages at the moment. We got in seventy five animals on July sixth alone. They're not being picked up like they usually are, we don't know why.

Reading the article that was written by Linda Goldston I can feel her love for these dogs that nobody seems to care enough and claim their pets. Linda is also asking for the help of some of the well know Chihuahua lovers for their support.

I can only say that it’s real sad that these owners of these dogs are so cold that they won’t even come to the shelter and pick up their dogs. I wish I had all their names because I would post them so that others would know who they are. And maybe it would stop someone from selling them another pet, since they don’t care enough for the ones they just discarded.

Read the article by Linda Goldston here.

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