Thursday, May 19, 2011

Woodstock, GA Animal Abuser To Be Charged

An animal abuser named Michael Thompson from Woodstock, GA might be facing some twenty counts of animal abuse for what he did to his pets. Thompson had let his apartment be overrun by his cats and dog that it had gotten so bad that the City Building Code Enforcement had to condemn his apartment due to the neglect he had for his pets.

The worst part of the article was reading about all of the fourteen cats that were still alive in there had to be killed and the lone dog was so flea infested where they arrived, not counting the five dead cats.

The code enforcement officer Paul Brown from Woodstock said: he saw a lot of animal feces and beer bottles. Just a giant mess and the smell was unbearable. It's definitely rough.

The Cherokee County Animal Shelter Director Susan Garcia said: Pretty unbelievable that people and animals would have to live in those conditions.

Hopefully the judge will see this though the animals eyes when he hands down a sentence to Michael Thompson for what he did to these animals.

Read the article here.

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