Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honolulu Puppy Mill Raid Finally Bring Charges To Owners

Back in February the Honolulu police had raided a dog breeder company called Bradley International where some one hundred and fifty three dogs were rescued.

Now the prosecutor has brought a total of one hundred and fifty three charges against the company for second degree animal cruelty. The prosecutor is looking into charging the company officials who’s names are: Shannon Luke, Vernon Luke and David Becker who could be facing up to a year in jail for each charge along with a fine of two grand on each charge for what they did to these poor dogs in their puppy mill.

The president of the Hawaiian Humane Society Pamela Burns said: the Humane Society has been investigating the company's breeding facility for three years but was limited in investigating by law. They come from conditions that were horrific; many of them had to be shaved down because of the terrible matting.

Hopefully with all these charges of animal abuse the judge will follow though and hit these abusers with the maximum fines and give the other puppy mill breeders a wakeup call and put an end to these profiteers.

Read the article by Rob Shikina here.

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