Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Would Dump Two Boxers In A Cage To Die

Two boxers that were badly malnourished were found on the side of the road in Story County, Iowa the other day. And now the police and the Story County Animal Control are looking for the person or persons that dump these two dogs off to die.

Photo by the Story County Animal Control

Looking at this photo is so upsetting to see how sickly this dog is due to whoever abused these poor dogs. Hopefully these two dogs will gain back their weight and be adopted to a loving family.

If you have information about who might have owned these dogs or might have seen who dumped these dogs off,you are urged to call Story County Animal Control at 515-382-3338 or e-mail A reward is also being offered.

Read the article here.

Update: The two abused boxers are making a good recovery and the Deputies have found the person responsible for dumping these dogs.

New Update 5/23/2011 - Story County Sheriff’s have charged Larry Gowin with animal neglect and charged Tammy Gowin with animal neglect and abandonment of dogs. My hat goes off to the Story County Sheriff’s Office for catching these animal abusers.... Thanks

Read the article here.

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