Friday, May 20, 2011

Which One Of The 5 Will Be Eukanuba Challenge Champion Winner


Five Canines from All Corners of the Country are in the Hunt to be Named the
Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge Champion

Eukanuba announced this week five exceptional dogs chosen as finalists in the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge Champion Contest. Since January, owners taking the Challenge were encouraged to submit their dog’s story in 100 words or less explaining their dog’s transformation from good to extraordinary while eating Eukanuba for just 28 days. Each finalist’s story is unique, inspiring and demonstrates noteworthy improvements ranging from increasing a senior service dog’s activity level or helping a dog win its first dog-show competition to drastic digestive changes. Each finalist has received a year’s supply of Eukanuba dog food and the “Challenge Champion” will be announced on Eukanuba’s Facebook page Monday, June 6, 2011. The top dog will receive the pink carpet treatment with a Hollywood-style photo and video shoot, appear in the September issue of Dog Fancy magazine and star in an upcoming Eukanuba print advertisement.

“We created the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge so dog owners could see first-hand the many benefits of our extraordinary nutrition,” said Manuel Miyar, associate marketing director, Eukanuba. “As a result, we received a lot of amazing testimonials from dog owners about the transformations they saw in just 28 days. Our five incredible Challenge Champion finalists – Holly, Chloe, Gunner, Lucy and Alex – are fantastic examples of how premium nutrition can help a dog go from good to extraordinary.”

Extraordinary Pack of Finalists (in no particular order)

Holly, Westland Sheltie – Magna, UT
Holly is a 10 year-old seizure alert service dog, who recently experienced a transformation so drastic after completing the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge that she’s now out of retirement. Holly’s owner, Shanna had begun the retiring process with her because Holly was slowing down and having more difficulty walking. At the time she figured it was due to old age, but after switching to Eukanuba Weight Control, she realized it was her weight and diet. She lost the extra weight she’d been carrying and now acts like a young dog again. Holly’s full of energy and is back to her service dog status, helping Shanna live her life confidently and independently. Holly and Shanna are very active in their community – they regularly speak to elementary school children about the proper care of animals, as well as compete in agility, herding and obedience competitions.

Chloe, Shih Tzu – Yardley, PA
Chloe, the year-old Shih Tzu represents small breeds in a big way. Her owner, Joanne took the Challenge to improve Chloe’s digestive health. In just 28 days, Chloe’s coat is shinier, she has increased energy and is no longer a picky eater. As a young adult dog, Chloe regularly participates with Joanne in community charity dog walks and fundraisers and continues to excel in training classes. She’s already mastered more than 13 commands, and is on her way to completing her next extraordinary goal of becoming certified as an American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen.

Gunner, Australian Shepherd – Bloomingburg, NY
Gunner is a 1-year old Australian Shepherd who as a puppy had a very sensitive stomach. After completing the 28-Day Challenge, Gunner’s owner Danielle noticed a drastic change in not only his digestive patterns but his physical appearance. The colors in his coat are now vibrant and his fur is healthier and shinier. Gunner represents the Aussie breed extraordinarily with a lot of athletic prowess. He and Danielle often hit the trails and pavement to go hiking, biking and running together.

Lucy, Labrador Retriever – Cedar Springs, MI
As a representative of America’s most popular breed, Lucy is a fantastic ambassador for Labrador Retrievers. After Lucy’s veterinarian recommended Eukanuba to her owner, Madeline, to help her slim down and stay healthy, she decided to test the dog food during the 28-Day Challenge. Upon completion, Madeline saw extraordinary results in the way Eukanuba kept up with and fueled Lucy’s active lifestyle while helping her lose a couple of unnecessary pounds. She now has extra power in her activities, more muscle in her body and a much softer and shinier coat. Eukanuba helps 2-year old Lucy enjoy her favorite things – swimming in the lake, retrieving and training to duck hunt.

Alex, Dalmatian – Beverly, MA
Alex, the 8-month old Dalmatian, completed the 28-Day Challenge and saw astounding results. After making the switch, he ran further, jumped higher and couldn’t wait until meal time. He is an active, young show dog that physically flourished on Eukanuba and is well on his way to being a top dog in the show world. In fact, on the 28th day of the Challenge, Alex received a five point major reserve during his first weekend competing in show.

Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge

Eukanuba launched the 28-Day Challenge in January asking consumers to feed their dogs any Eukanuba formula for 28 days to see first-hand how a high-quality diet can promote overall well-being. Dog owners can still sign up to take the Challenge on, and throughout their experience will receive regular posts with customized nutrition, training and health tips. During the trial period, if participants aren’t completely satisfied, Eukanuba will refund 110 percent of the food purchase*.

I will have to say that my Dachshund just love the Eukanuba formula dog food, and I will keep on buying this for him.

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