Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today’s Abandoned Dogs And Saved Dogs In The News

Missouri Caruthersville Humane Society takes in twenty three more pets that were taken from an abandoned home even though they are overwhelmed from all the flooding which caused them to take in six hundred and four animals just from the floods.

These poor cats and dogs were just left to die in conditions that were sickening. There was even a poor cat left to die with its eye hanging out. How could anyone do something like this to their pets?

Read the article here.

The Caruthersville Humane Society is looking for all the donations they can receive due to being overwhelmed with all that has happened in their state from all the flooding and their support to help the animals in their time of need.
Donations can be made out to:
Dunklin County Rescue
P.O. Box 345
Caruthersville, MO 63830

Calls are only being taken after 11 AM @ 573-333-0100

Toledo police have arrested an animal abuser named Raymond Dean with dog fighting charges along with a few other charges that will probably send his but to jail for a while.

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In Chicago the police have arrested a lowlife that has been charged already with animal cruelty for dog fighting and this time Larue Jackson has been charged with twelve counts of neglect and two counts of cruel treatment to animals.

Hopefully the judge will lock this animal abuser up for a while after the police found twelve pit bulls that was used in fighting that had been scared up on their bodies.

What’s wrong with these people that think it’s OK to have their dogs fight.

Read the article here.

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