Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When A Dog Rescue Turns From Bad To Worse

This is one of those heart breaking stories about abandon dogs that had no place to go when a women named Shirley Johnson who lives out in the desert in Tonopah, AZ decided to take them in. Well it all started last year when Shirley had one hundred dogs living out in her property where there is no running water and where the heat can even kill a human when it gets hot enough.

Last summer after receiving a call Marie Peck from Fetch Foundation had tried to help adopt out the dogs Shirley had on her property though a group they started called Arizona Desert Dog Rescue but they were unable to remove them all and now the situation has gotten even worse with the dog kennels being infected with mice.

Shelley Stolz who volunteers for Arizona Desert Dog Rescue said: She had accumulated 101 dogs when we came to help, and we're now down to 24. We need to get the rest of dogs off this property. This is not acceptable for any animal to live in this condition they are trapped in this kennel. Last summer thirty of the dogs died before we could get here and start to help, I've got twenty four left to try to save.

How sad it is to read this about how these poor dog have to live because their owners just abandoned them. It seems like the breeding has gotten out of hand and the so called pet lovers have abandoned their love to just dump off their pets.

Read the article by Lisa Leigh Kelly here.

To see some of the heartbreaking photo’s go here.

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