Friday, May 13, 2011

Looks Like Burger King Doesn’t Know The ADA Rules For Service Dogs

It’s hard enough to be a blind person but for this woman named Helen Arnold and her service dog learned the reality of a cruel employee at a Burger King Restaurant has shown that some people just don’t care about people with disabilities when they told Helen that she had to leave with her dog.

Blind woman, guide dog kicked out of Burger King:

Helen Arnold was told: Get out of my restaurant and I was taken aback by that statement. I was totally humiliated to be told to leave this restaurant. When I told her he was not a pet, he was a working service dog, she said: No that's a pet!

I feel bad for Helen Arnold to have gone though this due to this employee as if it not bad enough to try and live a life with the help of her dog.

Read the article by Valerie Boey here.