Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Only Keep 46 Dogs In My Home, So What

This is just another sad case of another puppy mill where the owner is in denial thinking that it’s ok to have that many dogs in her house.

After receiving so many complaints about what was going on in her home the Green County Sheriff’s had served a warrant on Kathy Williams and seized all of the forty six dogs that were in her home which after reading most of the comments I will call it a puppy mill.

So now these dogs which most of them were Great Danes are now at the Green County Humane Society being taken care of. And now four people are facing charges of mistreating animals and their names are Allyson Williams, Donavan Williams, Kathy Williams and Melissa Harrell.

If you read some of the comments Kathy Williams talks about her dogs being show dogs in the American Kennel Club but some of the post are from other owners of show dogs that have criticized the way Kathy has raised these dogs and there were even people who either brought dogs from her and the ones who never even received the dogs they brought from her.

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Update: Sgt. Matt Summers with MCSO said:In terms of state law, it doesn't matter how many animals you have, as long as you're providing for them. Even so, his deputies cannot seize the animals because state law only dictates that animals must have access to water, even water filled with dead mice.

Read the updated article here.

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