Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animal Shelters To The Recue

The Houston SPCA had helped the Waller County Sheriffs rescue what is believed to be over two hundred dogs from a puppy mill in Waller County. There were Boston Terriers, Dachshunds and Shih Tzus that were rescued that had parasites and skin conditions and covered in their waste.

How sad is this for a supposedly dog breeder that I will call another puppy mills to treat these dogs like this. The Houston SPCA is looking for help to clean and groom the dogs so that they may adopt them out.

Read the article here.

While in Huger, SC the Charleston County deputies with the help of the Charleston Animal Society had their hands full when they had to rescue a whole farm worth of animals.

These poor animals were being neglected and were malnourished when the sheriffs went to the home and seen the pitiful site of the conditions these animals had to live in. Apparently one of the dogs had to be putdown which makes this article even sadder to read.

Read the article by Valencia Wicker here.

Another sad note: The Bexar County deputies are looking for possibly four kids who shot a dog to death with BB guns. If anyone lives in that area and you might know something, please help to put these animal abusers in jail for what they did to this poor dog.

Read the article here.

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