Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chained Dog And Fighting Dogs Are Rescued

What is believed as an extreme animal abuser who had wrapped his dog up in a chain and dumped his dog out of his moving truck to die. Well luckily someone had seen this and called the Greenville County Sheriff’s and had the dog taken to the Greenville County Animal Control for medical attention.

Hopefully this poor dog will make it and the creep that did this will be charged for what he did to this dog.

Read the article here.

While over in Africa the Western Cape police had raided a dog fighting ring at a farm in Plettenberg today where they were able to rescue eight pit bulls. The Police also arrested ten animal abusers and charged them with contradicting the Animal Protection Act for conducting illegal animal fights.

Western Cape police Captain Malcolm Pojie said: When they arrived at the entrance of the farm, they found that the gate was locked. They had to remove the heavy lock and chain that was used to lock the gate. It was evident that something very suspicious was happening inside the boundaries of the farm. The two dogs were already badly injured. These two dogs, as well as another six dogs that were lined up on chains outside the house for the next fights were confiscated.

It always good to hear about a dog fighting ring being broken up and hopefully the two dogs will be alright after some medical attention.

Read the article here.

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