Friday, May 27, 2011

This Sure Wasn’t The Good Old McDonald Farm

The Jackson County Sheriff’s have arrested Kimberly and Seth Maher and charged the two with sixty three counts of animal cruelty for what must have looked like a farm from hell.

Chief Deputy Tony Boggs said that while serving a warrant: Trying to knock on the front door we discovered a dead rabbit in a box at our feet. It's horrible to see the folks that can treat animals this way no matter what the conditions, to be able to allow animals to die, to be starved. Deceased animals, burned animals, malnourished animals and just about every size, breed and kind were up there.

There is supposedly some three hundred animals at this farm living in a place called hell and they also found a fire where they were burning the dead dogs. How can anybody do this to the poor animals and not even care.

Read the article by Brooks Jarosz here.

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