Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ron Burn’s Celebrates 20 Years As An Artist That Helped Shelter Animals

Ron Burns' Announces 20th Anniversary Retrospective

Celebrating Twenty Years of Fine Art and Philanthropy

Ron Burns, affectionately known as America's Favorite Animal Artist, is honored to announce the launch of his online 20th Anniversary Retrospective - a celebration of twenty years as a professional artist and philanthropist. Over the course of 2011, Ron will be reflecting on his journey - his growth as an artist, his inspirations and how he learned that through his art, he could could help shelter animals everywhere. "When I picked up a paint brush in 1991 and created my first work of art, I had no idea the path I was headed down and where it would take me," says Ron. Burns went on to pioneer an art movement that is now often imitated but never duplicated - large, bright and colorful paintings of shelter dogs and cats whereby a portion of proceeds benefit our four-legged friends.

For Ron, there is no better place to start than with where it all began. While he found success running his own design firm in Los Angeles, in the late 1980's Ron found solace in painting - a means to relieve the stress of city life and running a business with a demanding clientele. Ron dabbled in a number of painting styles including still-life's and abstracts while using his childhood memories and experiences as a business owner in Los Angeles as his initial sources of inspiration. However, he soon found what truly inspired him creatively - Rufus, Jazzy, Kingsford, Smokey, and Sadie. Who are they? That question is answered in the 20th Anniversary Retrospective but if you asked Ron he would say "my kids."

The rest of the story, as they say, "is history." However, if you don't already know Ron's story, then the 20th Anniversary Retrospective is a more-than worthy entry point. Ron would like to cordially invites you to join him on his retrospective journey - from his early years growing up in Ohio to where he is now - an artist with a body of work that most artists can only dream of, that most importantly, has a purpose - to help raise awareness for shelter animals everywhere and to speak for those that cannot. Currently available retrospective years are the Prologue, 1991, 1992, and 1993. Over the course of 2011, each year leading up to 2011 will be added to the 20th Anniversary Retrospective ultimately completing Ron's twenty year journey as an artist and philanthropist.

Click here to view the 20th Anniversary Retrospective.

Ron Burns interview inquiries are available. Please contact Matt Manguso at 602-481-0563 or matt@burnsstudio.com. Thank you.


Affectionately known as America's Favorite Animal Artist, demand for Burns' original work, limited editions, and books continue to flourish on the strength of gallery sales, word of mouth among collectors, and media praise. He has been featured twice on Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, and on CNN, Fox News, and other national television spots, including a segment on Good Morning America. Additionally, his art has been in multiple magazines, including TIME, New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, and Forbes, which writes that Ron's style is "extremely collectible." Ron holds the esteemed honor and privilege of being the one-and-only Artist in Residence for The Humane Society of The United States. In the state of Arizona, his Pet Friendly State License Plate has generated over $1,200,000 to support Spay/Neuter programs. Clients include Elizabeth Taylor, the Princess of Morocco, Joan Rivers, and Doc Severinson.

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