Monday, March 14, 2011

Dog Food Meant For People To Eat?

I think that I hear it all until I read about two lady’s named Hanna Mandelbaum and Allison Weiner from New York that are selling dog food that is fit for people to eat and they are now promoting it thought their company called Evermore Pet Food.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think that this is for me and my dogs eat a nice home cooked meal. So why would I even think about eating this dog food that they are calling human edible.

One of the owners named Hanna Mandelbaum said: It is a delicious food for dogs, the health benefits of eating this food are amazing, dogs absolutely thrive on it. The reason for the food is, there’s a big void in the market place for pet food…We’re sort of doing this to say, we’re saying our products are human grade and this is what we mean. We mean that we’re comfortable eating them for months straight.

Now I heard it all. Hey Ma what’s for dinner: Puppy chow son? I don’t mean to be cruel but I’m unable to figure out why anyone would eat this dog food.

Read the article Laura Donovan here.


hanna said...

That article got it all wrong. I own Evermore we are eating the food to demonstrate that when we claim we use human-grade ingredients and safe processes we are willing to stand behind those claims. We are absolutely not marketing the food for other people to consume- it is formulated for dogs. Evermore is basically a home
cooked food ob a commercial scale with accountable sourcing.

Dogman2 said...

Thanks Hanna for setting the record straight, I was a little worried there. The one thing about all dog food in worrying if it's really safe for your dog after so many recalls. Good luck on your new venture and hopefully more pet food companies will follow your lead.