Thursday, March 24, 2011

Possibly 500 Dogs Might Have To Be Killed

The Miami Dade County animal shelter has been hit with might be canine distemper and now they have shut down the shelter. It’s sad when you read about any shelter having to deal with this. Hopefully all the dogs will not have to be killed.

Read the article by Todd Wright here.

Yesterday I posted a video of a drunk guy trying to walk his dog and today the police in Naperville, IL have arrested a person named Kelly L. Johnson for being drunk when they found her lying in the middle of the road with her dog.

Read the article by Bill Bird here.

And a little good news today: we have a couple named Marie Williams and Mark Morgan who adopted a deaf dog knowing how it feels to be deaf themselves.

It just goes to show the love of these two who now have a little pet Springer Spaniel to enjoy life with as she leans sign language. Who says you can’t teach a dog new tricks.

Read the article here.

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