Monday, February 28, 2011

An Animal Shelter Though A Kids Eyes

That’s what it took for these kids from Alvaton Elementary School, KY when they went to visit the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society. This is when the kids decided to help support the animals that were in the shelter by raising money and items to help them out.

After visiting the shelter Austin Maroney said: It’s bad, You see all these puppies whining and crying.
Ashley Perry said: We saw how the dogs and animals were in the shelters, and we wanted to help them.

The most striking comment was from Seth Harrod who said: If we were in a shelter, we’d want somebody to help us.

How could you put it in any better set of words as Seth did, most people have no clue on what a shelter looks like. It makes you want to cry when you see these poor dogs locked up just hoping that someone will take them home instead of being killed because nobody wanted them.

This brings it back to why they are in there in the first place, how many people get a dog and then decide that they don’t want it or they say they don’t have the time. How about the people who say they are moving and can’t take their dog with them. I think that is the worst excuse there is to say that you don’t have any love for your pet, so you just dump them off.

So when I read this article it made me cry to see that it’s the kids who still have the untainted love for are buddies that adults who lost their love dumped off.

Read the article by Jenna Mink here.


vanessa said...

The kid has very kind hearted. The kid really know what the dogs life in the shelter. At least the kid know how to help them not like the other who just ignored dogs who needs a real home.

Thanks for the blogs.

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dog fence said...

I have personally never seen a shelter do a house check, but I am sure there are some that follow through on it. They look for the simple things... clean house, adequate food and water for the dog, etc. The basic necessities of a dog that sadly most people ignore. If your house is good and clean enough for you to live in, then i'm sure there's not going to be any major issues.

Unless they are one of those shelters that think every dog needs a fenced in yard and someone home 24/7, then having a dog walker midday while you are gone should be fine. But do remember, as great as the idea of a shelter is... some take things to the extreme and make it almost impossible for any regular joe to adopt a dog there. if they don't like you having a dog walker then go to a different shelter.

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