Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ashley Greene Twitters That Her Dog Marlo Has Been Attacked

Little Marlo has been attacked by another dog and Ashley Green is upset and worried that her little fox terrier might not make it.

Ashley Greene posted on twitter : Everyone please please please pray for Marlo, A dog attacked her. She's in the hospital. But as it turned out that Marlo is doing alright and she is stable now.

Read the article by Jennifer Still here.

Photo by National Photo Group

You have to wonder how upset Ashley Greene must have been when she told PEOPLE at the Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles last week: I feel so bad I'm about to have to leave her in a couple days to go abroad to do the rest of the press tour. She's just the most fantastic little puppy I could ask for, she says. I've had her for a little over a year and I like to think she's my constant amidst constant change. She's the one thing that's there.

Read the article by Scott Huver here.

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