Friday, March 18, 2011

Was It Distemper That Cause 18 Dogs To Be Killed Or Was It Some Kind Of Mystery Illness

After two different dogs were brought into the Caldwell County Animal Control shelter in North Carolina some of the dogs there starting to show signs of aggression and foaming of the mouth. To be safe on the unknown illness the director Greg Greene decided to kill the eighteen dogs that were in the same area due to the unknown illness that might have speared even further throughout the shelter.

It seems like the two dogs that were brought in were adopted and I wonder if they came from the same breeder or puppy mill that might have a bad situation going on what out even knowing it and that even more dogs could be passing on this illness to other dogs.

Drs. Dan Jones from the Lenoir Veterinary Hospital said: He believes the dogs most likely have canine distemper. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping its distemper because I really don't know what it is, if it's not that.

Read the article by Beth Shayne here.

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