Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who Would Shot A Pregnant Dog ?

That’s what the Triad SPCA in North Carolina would like to know when they found an abandoned Husky/ Shepherd that was shot three times and had eight puppies on which only six survived.

The SPCA's Executive Director Allison Loiselle said: she has three bullets in her that are 25 caliber. So it's a target shooting round from what I understand. The injuries were a month old. And that's about the same age as the puppies. This kind of thing, for a helpless animal who has no defense against guns, in the middle of winter and giving birth to puppies, that's the definition of inhumane.

I agree with Allison that whoever did this is not only inhumane but they are also one sick person who is heartless.

The SPCA is looking for your help in finding the lowlife that did this and they can be reached @ 336-375-3222

Read the article by Liz Palka here.

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