Friday, March 11, 2011

Thanks To Wyoming’s New Law Because This Time A So Called Animal Rescuer Has Been Charged

You would have thought that this person named Marci Biesheuvel who owns the Lit’l Bit of Love Animal Rescue in Carpenter, Wyoming would have done a better job in maintaining her rescue after having her dogs seized last year.

But no here she is again and this time the Cheyenne Animal Control had taken forty seven dogs and four cats from her mobile home for what was described by the Animal Control spokeswoman Baylie Evans: The animals were kept in horrid conditions surrounded by urine and feces.

What kind of rescue was this suppose to be, surely not any place a dog would want to live in. Now Marci Biesheuvel has been charged with fifty one counts of animal cruelty for allowing her place to get to this disgusting point.

You know that we might not be reading articles like this if only we could stop these back yard breeders that are only in it for the money.
Yes Marci probably had all the good intentions of helping these animals but she didn’t know when to stop or even ask for help when things got beyond her capabilities. So Please adopt a pet before you think of buying a pet from a puppy mill and maybe we can put a stop to them and give all these dogs that are looking for a home a real place to call home.

Read the article by Josh Mitchell here.

Update: Marci Biesheuvel has surrendered her dogs and cats.

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