Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What A Day For Animal Abusers

Why would someone try to skin alive a dog is beyond me? Apparently that’s what someone tried to do to a German Shepard in Pulaski County, Arkansas and luckily the dog is still alive to bark about it.

A neighbor of the dog’s owner named Debbie Johnson said: It was just all open, the whole side of her was open like you would have skinned a rabbit.

While Lt. Carl Minden from the Pulaski County Sheriff's office said: Your normal person is not even going to think about doing something like that. You are looking at someone who is somewhat disturbed to do something of that nature. If you would do this to a dog, think what you would do to a person,

Read the article by Lauren Trager here.

There is a warning if you decide to watch the video due to the graphics

Cumberland County has finally gotten the test results back confirming that the meat that killed five dogs last month was poisoned. Now everyone including the Cumberland County SPCA is looking for whoever used a pesticide called Carbofuran that killed these dogs.

One of the dead dog owners named Joan Jerdel said: Our highest hopes from our family and the community is that this devious perpetrator is found out and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Our family is distraught about the loss of our dog.

Read the article by Dan Stamm here.

The Ex Beverly Hills mayor Charlotte Spadaro has finally had her day in court for animal cruelty and was given three years probation along with community service for having one hundred and eighty dogs at her place.

With even more charges coming her way for other charges of animal abuse hopefully she won’t be doing this again.

Read the article by Leticia Juarez here.

Over in Chicago the Cook County sheriff's deputies had arrested two animal abusers named Earl Johnson and Toriana Watson when they stopped a dog fight taken place.

Hopefully the judge is a dog lover when he sentences these two animal abusers.

Read the article here.

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