Monday, March 28, 2011

Could You Ever Imagine Your Dog Being Attacked By Pit Bulls

This poor women named Karen Grumm was devastated when she seen her little Schnauzer named Ally being attacked by a bunch of pit bulls on her surveillance camera. I will tell you that this video isn’t for the light hearted to view.


Karen Grumm said: They went for her chest and severed her jugular vein. The skin was horribly mangled and as the vet said: it was chewed up, just chewed up. It was horrific, blood everywhere, it's smeared on the walls, it was horrifying. I was hyperventilating and my heart was pounding.

I really feel for this women Karen on what she must have went through to see her little dog being attacked. Thankfully the little dog will be alright after all she went through and to be thankful that her two little buddies came out to help rescue her even though they were just little dogs too.

Read the article here.

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