Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dog Fighting Operation Bust And An Animal Activist Arrested For Animal Abuse

The Largo deputies were in the middle of a bust for drugs at Michael Lang’s home when they can upon what they believed was a dog fighting operation going on at Lang’s home.

The SPCA was called in to remove five pit bulls that were used in fighting that had no water or food. So now Michael Lang will be charged with animal cruelty on top of the other charges relating to the raid.

Brent Bardell who works with the Pinellas County’s SPCA said: There's some scarring on the face, on the legs and on the chest. When in a fight that's the normal area the dogs bite and pull on each other.

Read the article by Carson Chambers here.

Up in Iowa the Ottumwa police have charged a so called animal activist named Noelle Stanbridge with beating one of her dogs that was caught on video today.

The Ottumwa police Chief Jim Clark said: Fifteen times taking a club to an animal, nearly pulling its leg out of a socket, in my mind that's abuse. Unfortunately with our state laws, if you beat your own dog and it does not suffer serious injuries, it's just a simple misdemeanor. It appeared that she was going beyond disciplining the animals and actually abusing them.

And to think that this animal abuser rescues animals is unreal, I think that she should have had all her dogs taken away for her after viewing the video you can see how deranged she became while beating this poor dog.

Read the article here.

If you want to see the sick video watch it here.

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