Friday, October 31, 2008

So Do You Take Your Pet When You Travel

Americans Turning to Fido & Fluffy to Ease Economic Woes

According to a survey by, 87% of American pet parents surveyed say that their pets help to ease the stress of economic woes.

South Portland, ME, October 31, 2008 --( With the volatility of the current economic situation, many Americans are experiencing great angst and uncertainty. Newspapers, television, around the water cooler – it seems everywhere they look; Americans are reminded of the economy’s instability. There seems to be no relief from this stress…or is there?

According to a survey by, 87% of American pet parents surveyed say that their pets help to ease the stress of economic woes. Research has shown that living with pets provides certain health benefits. Pets help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. American pet parents are realizing this by turning to Fido & Fluffy when they need them the most.

“As a small business owner, I’m concerned about the economy. And that anxiety doesn’t help me to think creatively in order to move my business forward,” comments Glenna Martin. “I’ve started to bring my dog, Rex, to the office with me. He helps to ease my stress and that of my customers. He’s become an unofficial therapy dog!” adds Martin.

Further, the survey indicates that 65% of pet parents are partaking in more activities with their pets to help clear their head and unwind. In fact, science backs it up. “Playing with a pet can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine - neurotransmitters that are known to have pleasurable and calming properties,” says MaryAnn Molloy of Healthy Body Fit Mind.

Dog parks, pet friendly beaches & hiking trails, games of fetch, and curling up on the couch with Fluffy are activities that not only help ease stress but they’re economical ways to have some relaxation and fun. “Watching my dog run around on the beach and frolic with other dogs makes me smile. They do not have a care in the world” says pet mom, Cindy Vazquez, “It’s truly therapeutic and it doesn’t cost me a dime!”

Given the current economic situation, will pet parents be deterred from including Fido & Fluffy in their travel plans? According to the survey, the answer is a resounding No! Ninety-five percent of respondents indicated that the economy will not stop them from bringing along their pet when they travel.

Man’s best friend is truly living up to its name. In times of need, pet parents quite literally feel their pet’s love. is the premier online guide for pet travelers and their people - offering resources to ensure pets are welcome, happy, and safe when traveling. Visit, to find a directory of pet friendly accommodations across the U.S., pet recreational activities, airline pet policies, pet sitters, pet travel supplies, along with other pet travel resources.


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