Thursday, October 2, 2008

Help Win Money For Your Local Animal Shelters

Help Your Favorite Animal Shelter
WIN $10K

Your local shelter has the opportunity to win $10,000 with local community support. Care2’s “America’s Favorite Animal Shelter” contest will award voters’ favorite local animal shelter or rescue group the grand prize, which will go a long way to help provide care to cats and dogs.

Care2 (, the largest online community of people passionate about making a difference, is holding the contest with to bring public awareness about the plight of homeless dogs and cats, as well as recognize animal shelters and rescue groups for their outstanding efforts in animal welfare.
In addition to the grand prize, Care2 is awarding $3,000, $1,000 and two prizes of $500 to the four runner-ups respectively. The winner of the contest is determined by its local citizens and supporters, who can vote for their shelter.
The contest aims to raise awareness about the importance of supporting pet adoptions and taking action to save homeless animals’ lives. All participating animal shelters and rescue groups, are part of the network.
How The Contest Works:

The contest runs from September 22, 2008 through November 1, 2008 on’s website. Anyone can simply go to and vote for their favorite shelter or rescue group. The shelter or group that receives the most votes nationwide wins the grand prize of $10,000.

Additionally, Care2 is giving away a total of $5,000 to the next four groups with the highest votes. And is awarding prizes of $1,000 at random each week during the contest period to ensure every shelter and rescue group has a chance to win, providing your local shelter another opportunity to support its causes.

More News About Animal Shelters

Photo by Jason Brown

Today’s Award Goes To

Little ten year old Joey Hagee for who has helped raise more then Two Hundred Dollars worth of dog toys and treats to help the Orphans of the storm animal shelter in Riverwoods, Chicago.
What more can I say that shows how just one kid can help out the cause to help support our buddies.
….. Great Job Joey…..
Read the article by Stephanie Kohl here.

Yes There Is Bad News Too

Fake Shelter Scam Hits PA

It’s bad enough that animal shelters are looking for all the donations that they can get these days. Well over in Pennsylvania the Latrobe Action For Animals Humane Society has been being scammed by someone who is using their name and logo for a fake web site.

How low can you get when you try and take away a life from a pet animal. I hope they catch this lowlife.

Read the article here.

Treasurer Embezzled Funds For Animal Shelter

The Humane Society for Newton and McDonald counties in MO had their fund money embezzled by their treasurer named Patsy L. LeSueur who stoled almost ninty grand that was to help build a new animal shelter.
This women just might have ruined a chance for life for the pets in the area, due to her greed. Hopefully the community can raise the money that is needed to complete their goal.

Read the story by Derek Spellman here.

How Do We Finnish Building The Shelter?

Over in Livingston Parish, Louisiana they are trying to figure out on how to complete their nearly completed shelter. The question is do they give back the money they received from the government or do they try and raise funds in this tight budget time.
The town council has rejected all kind of funding proposals to help complete the shelter. Where is the love for our buddies in this town, I wonder if anyone on the council owns a pet?

Read the article by Bob Anderson here.

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