Friday, October 17, 2008

Handicapped Pets Guide To Compassion

Free Manual for Teachers: Teach Compassion, Accept Differences, Make a Difference. Two-Week Curriculum Uses Disabled Animals as a Learning Tool. and 4th grade teacher Kathy Barton have created a free manual: How Do You Teach Compassion? You Show It. Downloadable for youth educators and leaders everywhere at, the two-week curriculum is modeled after the successful program Barton has used in her own classroom. The guide’s unique approach of using handicapped pets as a way for children to learn to accept differences and reach out to those less fortunate is a winner.

Amherst, NH, October 17, 2008 --( “The children learn a lesson that is invaluable,” says Barton, “that what they do in response to suffering matters. That everyone – even a young child – can make a difference. They learn the value of a life and that another’s injury or ill fortune can be an opportunity to lend a hand. If they can do that for a dog or cat, think of what it can mean for the world!”The manual includes a program description, objectives, skills the students will gain, materials needed, a list of daily activity suggestions, plans for organizing a fundraiser to help a handicapped animal, and information on how to arrange for a disabled pet to visit a classroom or group. Help your community spread the word about this valuable free resource. Compassion – Tolerance – Nonviolence – Change. The best teachers can come in unlikely guises.

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Lisa Murray

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Frankie's Mom said...

Thank you for posting about this awesome manual! I was so thrilled to have helped with it. Kathy Barton is amazing and I'm so grateful she is doing such wonderful work in regards to handicapped pets. Lisa and everyone at Handicapped pets are also such compassionate and caring people also. I feel so fortunate to be networking with them in bringing a positive face and voice to animals with diabilities.
These animals deserve to live quality lives!
Barbara (a.k.a. Frankie's mom)