Monday, October 13, 2008

From Lucky Dogs To Lost Dogs And Helping Dogs

Dogs are being kidnapped in the UK and one couple named Trevor & Michelle Deen was upset when they discovered that not only one dog, but nine of their dogs were stolen. Luckily they were able to get them back by the thief that stolen them.
Some advise is to have a microchip implanted or the old way is having your dog tattooed.
Read the article by Katie Norman here.

Ian Becker from the Southern Queensland has had enough of finding workers to work on his farm that he now has a team of dogs to do the work. Ian said that he wishes that the dogs knew how to drive the trucks and use computers.
That’s a laugh all right, it just shows that our buddies can do a lot more then people think they can.
Photo by NPD

For more of a laugh a Bloodhound named Rocky from Normandy Park, Wash. Who works for the police to help locate missing people was missing him self. They police even called out officers from other towns and a helicopter to help search for Rocky.
So after twelve hours of searching they finally found the dog. Now I think that’s funny, that the police dog escaped for a little R&R and it took the whole team to find him.

A Harborne based charity by the Friends of Animal Welfare with over 100 of the most pampered pooches was able to raise about fourteen hundred dollars for the local animal charities and fund care over in the UK.
Just a little note; There is a chemical called Permethrin that is used in flea treatment for dogs that will kill your cat.
So check out their site to read more about this product.

Ok this dog’s name isn’t lucky but it needs to be changed to lucky because this dog survived jumping off a forty foot high bridge and walked away from the fall.
Read the article by Kevin Duguid here.

Over in New Jersey the SPCA had their seventh annual Pet-A-Palooza at the Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals this past weekend that help to raise about a grand for the cause.
They also dedicated a walking path that was built by a local Boy Scout troop. It just shows that when everybody chips in we can make life a little better for our friends.
Read the article by Jason Laday here.

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