Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey That’s Not The Real Rin Tin Tin!

Photo by Brett Coomer

If you are going to do a movie about Rin Tin Tin you could at least use one of the real dogs from the breed line.
The first Rin Tin Tin started back in 1918 when the dog was found in a kennel that was bombed out during the war in France that later became a hit in the movie in the nineteen twenty’s. So today with the breed line still going the owner named Daphne Hereford is suing the LA Company First Look Studios Inc. and four affiliates for using a phony dog that wasn’t from the real blood line.
I would agree with Daphne on her cause to show these producers need to think first before they try and ripe the public off with some fake dog.

Read the article by Mary Flood here.

Check out the real history of Rin Tin Tin here.

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