Thursday, October 9, 2008

Macon County Mayor Holds Animal Shelter Hostage

You would think that in times like these a town wouldn’t be holding other towns hostage when it comes to fee’s charged at an animal shelter.
Well we have a Mayor named Robert Reichert from Macon County, Georgia that is trying to pull the stings on Bibb County with an increase in fee’s that are more then doubled the fee that has been charged for the last decade.

I thought that these shelters were there to help the unwanted or the abandon pets. Has this country gotten so bad that we forgotten the love for these animals. Most of the pets are in bad shape when they get to a shelter from either being under feed or abused. They go though some of the worst misfortune with their suffering of loneliness.

I guess some of us know what it feels like to be all alone at times with no hope. So just maybe we can offer some help to our buddies and adopt one of these pets and give them a chance of life, isn’t that what are looking for.

Did you know that if you have a pet that you befriend with it will help to change your whole life. I know that my dogs have helped me though many of hard times and I have read may articles on the gift that a pet brings into your heart.

Read the article by Matt Barnwell here.

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