Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy Women Hog Ties Dog And Sent It On Fire

Photo by the Denver Post

Yes I will call Tanya Martin from Lakewood, Colorado a crazy women for hog tying up her little Yorkshire Terrier named Bobo up and setting the poor dog on fire. This is so sick to even read about what she had done to the dog.
The dog had been burned over fifty percent of his body and his paws were coming off. They also said that the Bobo was in so much pain when he was brought into the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital and if it wasn’t for the Fire fighters and medics the poor dog wouldn’t have had a chance.

Read the story by Terry Jessup here.
Warning the video is graphic

Photo by Preston Gannaway © The Rocky

Update: Bobo is getting more help with donations being sent in to help pay for his care.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I hope she goes to jail for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

That bitch used to be my neighbor. Even when she was my neigjbor she didnt take her meds then either. Here's something even crazier i got a dog from her family. I love my dog very much so much he became my service dog and he goes with me everywhere. Tanya Martin sees me every now and at mhcd and i dont even let her get close to my dog even if she was on her meds she wouldnt take her meds all the when she was my neighbor. Bobo got four days to live and her big fat ass (had nothing to do with weight gain she was fat to begin with) got 45 days and 10 years probation and no animals wow once again SHE WASNT TAKING HER MEDS WHEN I KNEW HER there are about 15 people who were her neighbors and they even know she didn't take her meds