Sunday, October 26, 2008

3 Different Stories About A Dog’s Life

A 4 Year Old Live Changes With The Help Of A Service Dog

Photo by Johnny Wagner

A four year old girl named Kylie Haas from Shannon Park, AK life has changed when the parents got a service dog named Millie. The parents dreams had come true when they seen their daughters life change ever since Kylie and Millie have been together.
Bruce and Heidi Haas were able to get the dog though Pawsibilities Unleashed in Frankfort, Ky. with the help of some caring people that helped in a fundraiser.
It’s just amazing that a dog, yes a dog can help change one’s life with joy and companionship.

Read the article by Mary Beth Smetzer here.

Owners Refuse To Take Their Lost Dog Back

Just because their dog had run away five times doesn’t mean that you disown him. That’s what a family from Spokane Valley, Texas said about their dog. Ruth Stalling was offered by Dr. Bill Trotter from the Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels in Clifton, Texas to have her dog brought back but she said No.
How do you just dump your dog like that, because he ran away while they were camping out in the woods. Maybe the dog got lost, that’s no reason to just dump the dog. I just don’t understand so people why they do things, it one thing if you are no longer to afford your pets and you bring them to a no kill shelter, but to dump them is really low.

Read the article by Pai Hallenberg Christensen here.

Troubled Kids & Troubled Animals

What happens when you put troubled kids and troubled animals together? Well over at a special place called Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, CA. that helps bring kids that have been abused or neglected from the Pacific Lodge Boys home together to be with the animals that are in the same situation of being lonely and neglected.
Rebecca Alegria who is the assistant director of development for the Pacific Lodge Boys Home said; Their program almost mirrors ours. We take in abused and neglected boys, and they do the same with animals.
Jay Weiner from the Gentle Barn said; You look in their eyes as they're petting or hugging that animal, and you see a completely different little boy than the one who arrived filled with anger and mistrust. Whether they're from broken or foster homes, or whether they are blind, deaf, physically or mentally challenged, the animals love them just the same.
Now that’s what I call sharing the love from within and bring the joy to some lonely kids and animals together.

Read the article by Dennis McCarthy here.

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DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Well, I like the first and last story! Unfortunately, I see the second story every day. The sad part? I've even seen it from some of the local vets here - their dog runs away and they tell canine control that they won't pay the fee and the suggestion is to euthanize it ... I don't know how a VET of all people could do that! I've seen it so often from normal people that to see it from a vet just is so disappointing