Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dog Save From the Tracks

An engineer has helped save the life of a dog that is being called Choo-Choo from being run over by another train in North Braddock, Pennsylvania.

There is also a reward for twenty-seven hundred dollars out there for the arrest of this sick person.
It bad enough when we read about the abuse that owners do to their dogs or even the report of the puppy mill owners shooting all their dogs so they wouldn’t be fined.
So I wonder what would make a person take their dog to a train track and tie her up, knowing that the dog had only given birth to puppies recently. Do they think that the dog wouldn’t know what was going on, because the poor dog has the same sense and feeling as we do? I just wonder if the dog will one day find that person who had tied her up.
Trust me a dog will always remember a person by their scent that makes up our very own characteristic, just like we do with DNA.

Read more about this poor dog here.

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jan said...

A dog may remember a bad person, but unlike humans they are seldom vengeful.