Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Dog Magazines Editors Clash Over Who’s The Real Local Dog In Town

Things have been getting a little heated up between two rival dog magazines called Dogs Today & Surrey Dog Life on who’s the real first and only magazine in the county. The editor of the Dogs Today Beverley Cuddy has accused the editor of Surrey Dog Life Lizette Roux of lying that her magazine was the first and only dog magazine in Surrey.

Beverley Cuddy said: I wrote a very polite email to her pointing out that obviously it wasn’t the case that her magazine was the first and only dog magazine in Surrey and asked if she could please remove that claim.

And Lizette Roux’s reply was: I have taken abuse of the highest standard from your boss and have handed this to the police. If you threaten me one more time I will get the police to caution you and Ms Beverley Cundy [sic]. I am fed up of your threats and disgusting abuse to me and my company.

So now you have to wonder on who’s, who after all this and who’s going to survive all this after all their readers read about this. I always thought that these magazines were for the dogs and their owners to read articles about being a dog owner.

I think I’ll stick to Blogging instead it’s more fun and I'm here for the dogs only… Woof…Woof…

Read the article by Valerie Elliott here.

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