Monday, June 6, 2011

I Wish I Had Some Good Dog News, But I Don’t

A New Haven animal abuser named Alexander Bernard who is accused of stabbing his pit bull named Princess some twenty nine times was at court today. Hopefully when Bernard returns to face Judge Phillip Scarpellino next month the judge will stick him in a cage.

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An ex-founder of the Suffolk SPCA has been turned in by her husband for animal cruelty when Elizabeth Epps had taken on too many pets in her home.

Her husband Michael Wilkinson said: What I did for her was a wakeup call. It was hard, but it had to be done. She won't stop taking in animals until her heart stops beating.

Michael even had to move out of the home to due the conditions with all the animals. Now Elizabeth Epps has been charged with five counts of animal cruelty along with a few other charges.

How sad is this to read about a woman that loved animals and now she is being charged with animal cruelty herself.

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Photo by KTRK-TV

Then you have an animal abuser named Nidra F. Billard who is being accused of throwing her boyfriends little puppy off a third story balcony.

How sick is that to just throw a six week old puppy to his death because you got mad at your boyfriend. At this time the poor little puppy is still alive but it has a contusion to its head and it’s unable to move or walk.

I would like to throw her off myself but that’s why we have laws and I hope the judge doesn’t let Nidra off the hook for her sick actions.

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An now you got some lowlife that stole a handicap dog named Lucky's wheelchair right off the front lawn during the night in West Roxbury, MA. The owner Dave Freeney is upset because his Belgian German Shepherd needed this wheelchair to get around.

Thankfully for Handicappedpets from Nashua, N.H. because they will be sending a new one for Dave Freeney’s dog. Now that’s a happy ending, but I hope they find this thief.

Read the article here.

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