Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Special Dog Named Naki”o Gets To Walk Again With 4 Prosthetic Paws

Just looking at this video it is an amazing to see the development that medical science has done over the years. This dog named Naki’o had lost all his paws due to getting frostbite when he was abandoned in the winter cold in Nebraska.

Thanks to the Veterinary technician named Christie Tomlinson who took the little dog in and was trying to get money to through a fundraiser to help pay for two prosthetic paws when the founder of OrthoPets Martin Kaufmann offered to pay for the other two prosthetic paws.

It people like these two who have a real heart and didn’t give up on this poor dog to give him another chance to enjoy life.

Read the article by Alyssa Newcomb here.

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